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If you are looking to get free products, and willing to share your honest reviews. Come join us and become our product tester. Your feedback as a product tester will provide us will valuable insights to help improve our partner’s products.

It's Easy

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Things You Need To Do

As applications come in, our team will carefully filter the applications so that only the targeted testers are chosen, based on pre-qualifying criteria.

step 2


Wait For The Product

Our team will then manage the product, and send to the selected testers.

step 3


Test It Now!

Try the product, and let us know how you feel about the product. You will be reminded to give your opinion and rating on the product.

step 4

Rate & Review

To Complete this..

Write your review and rate the products via MommyDaddy&i website or mobile application. Your reviews will be helpful for other mommies to make their purchase.

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