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MommyDaddy&i Hospital Bag
The one bag that matters for pregnant moms!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The next important step is to prepare for your baby’s delivery day! It doesn’t matter, whether you are 20, 24 or 32 weeks pregnant, it is important to be ready for your delivery day. It’s one of the most anticipated dates that invite excitement for all parents in the whole wide world.

Not sure what to prepare for your little one on your BIG DAY? MommyDaddy&i Hospital Bag contains all the essential items for you and your little one, ranging from diapers to lotions and wash. Read more on how to prepare for your hospital bag below!

Without these items, the procedure for your delivery can be pretty much complicated. Every single mother should bring their own identifications (identity card) and records (pink book) to let the doctors know what has been done or what needs to be done. This is especially true if you experience pregnancy-related complications such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.
It’s better to be safe than sorry. Packing more things than what you actually need is better than packing less. You need something comfortable to wear so don’t include your tight jeans or chino in your hospital bag. Most of the people would bring along a couple of shirts, especially those that button-up in front, sarong, socks, disposable underwear, maternity pads and going home outfits. You should also consider some accessories to make sure you are comfortable along the delivery process such as breast pads, breast cream and hairband.
Bringing in some snacks can do wonders. People don’t know when or if they will get hungry while waiting for their turn to deliver. Pack a couple of cereal bars, some healthy snacks and mineral water. Even if you don’t have much appetite, just pack it along with others in your hospital bag. Better have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
Bringing along some diapers, baby’s clothes and toiletries are considered essential these days. Make sure you don’t miss anything. Swaddle blankets can provide comfort, gloves can prevent them from scratching themselves and don’t even ask the importance of bringing your own diapers to keep your baby’s bum clean and dry. Some babies might have different reactions to different kind of diapers. Hence, it’s a good idea to take some samples and try them out. Diapers need to be changed a few times a day to avoid diaper rash, a skin condition that appears as patchy bright red skin on your baby’s bottom.

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MommyDaddy&i Hospital Bag Redemption Terms & Conditions

Before you proceed to registration, please READ and UNDERSTAND the terms and conditions that applies to all Applicants.

  • Applicants must be an expecting mother upon registration
  • Each mother can ONLY register for one bag and must satisfy the eligibility requirement at the point of registration
  • Shortlisted mothers will receive a confirmation letter through email/message.
  • Please present your confirmation letter/message, Identity Card/passport & Check-up record/ pink book (proof of your pregnancy) upon the collection of the bag, Mommy Daddy&i reserves the rights of final decision in any case of disputes. Duplicate, inaccurate, or incomplete registrations will be VOIDED and will not be entertained.
  • Samples and products in our MommyDaddy&i bag may VARY from time to time at our sponsor's discretion and subject to product availability

The availability of Mommy Daddy&i hospital bags is only on a first-come-first-served basis. We will only give out Mommy Daddy&i hospital bags while stocks last.

If you have enquiries about our bag registration, please provide us with your email address and full name during your registration.