5 Useful Tips To Keep The Romance Alive While Trying To Get Pregnant

5 Useful Tips To Keep The Romance Alive While Trying To Get Pregnant

Trying to get pregnant can be one hell of a task. If you didn’t do it right, it would feel more like a chore than lovemaking.

When I said didn’t do it right, I didn’t mean the technical part. It’s more at the sensual part.

Trying to conceive can feel different as you have a much more specific objective to achieve.

This is especially true when you have been trying for so long and still nada.

As a result stress starts to build up and in a certain way, it can affect your performance and libido.

Being able to lit up the fire of romance can be an effective key to rekindling your relationship while trying to get pregnant.

It’s much more fun and absolutely hot. In this article, we will enlighten you on some tips to make your effort to conceive much more fun and exciting.

#1 Go for a honeymoon, take a mini vacation

Though most people know that stress-free lovemaking is imperative for baby making, not everyone can perform under pressure.

It’s like trying to deliver your best effort while there is a gun pointing at your head. It’s not the best way when you are trying to get pregnant.

In order to overcome that, you need to find a way to make sexual intercourse be more spontaneous. 

One of them is to take a mini vacation. Go to your second, third or fourth honeymoon during your vacation day.

When you are trying to get pregnant, the location matters. It need not be in an expensive place. 

You can take a short vacation to the nearest place and be done with it. Give yourself and your partner some time to relax.

Add in some massage, spa and other de-stressing activities.

#2 Spice up your sex life a bit while trying to get pregnant

trying to get pregnant

Some couples love to do something out of the ordinary. Maybe you would want to try a different sex positions or trying other things which involve syrup.

You shouldn’t subscribe to the myth that missionary and penetration from behind is the most efficient way when you are trying to get pregnant.

Any positions would do as long as penetration does occur.

However, you would want to avoid using your saliva or any form of lubricants while making love.

It’s hotter of course, but it can affect the integrity of the sperm in a bad way.

Surprise with your husband/wife and make sure they are comfortable with what you are suggesting. 

After all, this is a two way street.

#3 Start with a game. Any game would do

As you were struggling to think of something which could excite you while trying to get pregnant, remember, playing an erotic game with your partner can be one hell of a foreplay.

Every single one of us has our own imagination.

You just need to get a hold of your partner’s wild thoughts. Maybe they love strip poker, or trivial pursuit. Some do like to play a game of twister while trying to get themselves excited.

Maybe you can provide some stakes. Whoever loses should be punished for something or the winner can request something.

It should be something dirty, of course.

Erotica can have an endless possibility. The only limit is your imagination. Try to think of some games which can excite the both of you.

#4 Set the scene to something wild

trying to get pregnant

Sexual intercourse doesn’t necessarily need to be rushed.

You can start your night by having a nice dinner and watching a steamy movie before letting the hanky panky begin.

Make your bed appear nice. You know, like your first wedding night.

Put up some music and set up the atmosphere. Some might think this is too much when you are trying to get pregnant but it’s actually not.

Relationship is a long time commitment. You aren’t giving things only to expect something else in return.

Giving your best effort to set a romantic atmosphere while trying to get pregnant is one form of appreciation. 

Afterwards, maybe you can cuddle for a few before sleep.

#5 Share your thought and keep the conversation going

Physical interaction during sexual intercourse is only one part of the deal.

Sharing your thoughts, concern and sexual fantasy can be the other side of the deal.

There is nothing wrong of sharing a little piece of erotic conversation with your partner.

Who knows, maybe they would comply with it? You need to try to make it work as it would be a whole lot more difficult once you have a baby later.

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