The Pregnancy Hormone Express

The Pregnancy Hormone Express

Women tend to be emotional when they were pregnant. Some husbands might be thinking “Oh, no! There is something wrong with my wife.” but they would be crying too if they were passengers to the pregnancy hormone express. Mood swings during pregnancy are not something new. It’s well established among expectant mothers.

Freaking out

Being a parent is not easy. It’s understandable for anyone to freak out but women tend to have a variety of different emotions dealing with this experience. It’s like riding a roller coaster. They can be smiling with joy and a few seconds later cry, freaking out about the prospect of becoming a mother. I mean, what the heck did I know about raising a child, right?

Those stresses aren’t necessarily limited to experiencing pregnancy. They can be about financial restrain, job stress, relationship problems and of course, how do they take care of their own baby. It’s especially prevalent among new-mummy to be. They will fidget, cry, trying to do something else, like cleaning to distract themselves.

Ten minutes later, well, they were smiling, excited regarding the notion of having a baby. What’s not to like? Those cute baby clothes you have been scrolling down your phone. Just click the buy option already. Fortunately, all of this usually lasted for the whole first trimester only. Well, for most of it. It’s not completely out of control. They are still reasonable. Well, maybe.

Riding the roller coaster

There are a few precautions that you have to take to optimize your experience while riding the emotional roller coaster. First, you have to realize that mood swings are normal. It’s a part of the pregnancy package. 

When you were on the down low, try to do something that can lift yourself up. Go shopping, get a prenatal massage, exercise, ask your partner for a nice romantic dinner and get yourself a pedicure.

Do realize that it would be easier if you would let your husband help you on this difficult moment. Lean on him and let him know your struggles. If he would like to offer a hand, graciously accept it. It’s the way how most of the guys express their love. They felt content when they are useful.

Nibble on some snacks but make sure to monitor caloric intake though. We wouldn’t want you to experience any of those pregnancy-related diseases with fancy names, do we? Eat some fruits and chocolate that will surely make you filled with endorphins.

If you think that your mood swings started to affect your relationships or your life, talk to a doctor. 

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