Give Your Baby A Chance, Stop Smoking Now!

Give Your Baby A Chance, Stop Smoking Now!

Smoking cessation before pregnancy should not only be done by the mother. Both husband and wife should opt for a smoking cessation program (if both are smoking) which is available in selected Klinik Kesihatan or private institutions before trying to conceive. There are various complications related to smoking that could reduce the chance of you getting pregnant or delivering a healthy baby.

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Smoking can damage DNA in sperm prior to conception.  Smoking or inhaling cigarette smoke prior or during pregnancy can affect the development of a baby girl’s ovaries.
It is important for a man to quit smoking 3 months before trying to have a baby because sperm generally need 3 months to mature. This is to ensure you will have a healthy baby. Every cigarette’s smoke inhaled by the expectant mother would increase the chance of miscarriage by 1%.
People who smoke might have some problems in getting or maintaining an erection. The baby of a smoker would have a higher risk of being born prematurely, have congenital defects and low birth weight.
Studies have shown that parental smoking can lead to leukaemia in their child Smoking increases the risk of a mother having an ectopic pregnancy. This is a pregnancy which occurs outside of the uterus and can be detrimental to the mother.


5 myths about smoking and pregnancy

smoking cessation program

1. There is no point stopping now if I’ve already pregnant

Not only quitting smoking can do wonders to your health but it also could impose greater health benefits to your baby. It doesn’t matter at which stage of pregnancy you start to wean off smoking. The only thing that matters is what you do. Opting in the smoking cessation program will help your baby to develop the lungs well.

2. Switching to e-cigarettes is considered acceptable

Though there is no evidence that pointed out the harm of using e-cigarettes, pregnant women shouldn’t do it. Not especially if you were self-prescribing it as a way to stop smoking. There are a lot of health centres that offer smoking cessation programs with alternatives that have been proven working by a multitude of studies. Consult your doctor and stay away from e-cigarettes, especially those with nicotine.

3. Too stressful for me and my baby


Quitting can be one of the most responsible things you could have done for your baby. Don’t subscribe to the idea that your baby would have to deal with lots of stress when you are trying to quit. Ceasing can improve your baby’s health. Once they were born, quitting smoking can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

4. I had a healthy baby during my last pregnancy and I smoked

Do not ever gamble your baby’s chance of getting good health. Just because your previous pregnancy yielded great fruit while you were smoking your lung off, doesn’t mean it would be the same for this pregnancy. You need to understand that every time you smoke, you will increase your baby’s risk of getting complications. Consult your doctor now to find out about the smoking cessation program.

5. Quitting smoking cold turkey would kill me

Though quitting cold turkey can get you the best health benefit in the shortest period of time, for some people, it would be too difficult to bear. There are various alternatives and medications which can ease your withdrawal symptoms, but you can’t do so without doctor’s prescription. The risk imposed on your growing foetal is still unknown so it would be good if you can discuss it with your healthcare providers first

Final say

Quitting can be difficult but it is a sign that you will be a great parent. People usually think parenthood starts from the moment your child is born but, in reality, it starts much earlier. Stop smoking now! If you were having some problems, see a doctor and find out about the smoking cessation program prior to conceiving.

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