Feeling Uncomfortable When You Were Asleep? These Are Some Tips Regarding Sleeping Position

Feeling Uncomfortable When You Were Asleep? These Are Some Tips Regarding Sleeping Position

It’s something that you need to figure out. After all, when you are in a different phase of pregnancy, you would be comfortable in certain sleeping positions and not others.

This is something which is important for you to think about. During pregnancy, submitting to insomnia due to uncomfortness can be mind-boggling.

You would experience more tiredness than usual which can be either because of your sleeping related problems or it’s just a normal physiological contribution of hormonal imbalances.

Either way, you wouldn’t be able to tell one from the other.

This article would explain what kind of sleeping positions you can adopt to guarantee a very good night sleep.

Why sleeping positions could be the key to your night sleep?

Sleep is an important component of biological processes for anyone no matter what state they are currently in.

Those who experience sleeping problems are predisposed to be diagnosed with chronic medical condition.

This emphasizes the importance of sleep, in this context, in pregnant women to ensure an optimal health.

Now, the best sleeping position especially when your cute baby bump has turned into a massive melon is on your left side.

This is the most optimised position for your circulation which could do good for sending nutrients and oxygen to your unborn child.

sleeping positions

Plus it can improve kidney function and reduce swelling which is the bread and butter of pregnancy.

Sleeping on your back can make the enlarged uterus to press upon your vena cava (big blood vessel).

This can lead to a few symptoms including dizziness, backaches and worsening of hemorrhoids.

What if I don’t like sleeping on my left side?

If you prefer your right compared to your left, that should be fine.

The point is to avoid as much as possible, sleeping on your back as it can affect your sleeping qualities and create an unnecessary level of uncomfortness.

There are a variety of sleeping positions out there, however, leaning on your side is the best way to go when you have a baby growing inside of you.

If you like neither left nor right, you can place some pillows behind your back when you are leaning to the side.

This is why pregnant women often require more than one pillow. They need some of them to stabilise themselves while enjoying their own sleep.

If you really want to sleep on your back, you should sleep on a reclined bed or a comfy armchair.

The pressure exerted upon your internal structures by your uterus would be lessened this way.

Why can sleeping positions supercharge my health?

sleeping positions

A simple answer would be because it affects the quality of your sleep.

Sleep is important for your body to repair itself.

This is the time when your brain works hard to rearrange all of the information you have throughout the day.

Choosing the right sleeping positions can be one of the most important things as it keeps your immune system healthy.

It’s an indirect effect of having a good night’s sleep.

Getting enough sleep can also control how your body would react to insulin which is important as women could be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

You can adopt some other advices on how to achieve a good night sleep:

  1. Make sure you time your eating properly. It would be good if you can take your dinner in the evening as late dinner can impede sleeping.
  2. Deny yourselves from any electronic devices 1 hour before sleep. This includes your precious smartphone and tablet. Some studies indicate the light emitted from these devices can alter sleepiness and alertness.
  3. Get comfortable with sleeping positions which have been suggested to you. Keep your room dark and make sure your room temperature is comfortable.
  4. You can try meditating or take a whiff of a relaxing scent to kick off your sleeping routine.
  5. If you can’t sleep, don’t keep on staring on the clock. It would make you nervous which would make sleeping much more difficult.

 If you have problems with sleeping, consult your doctor. They would suggest some sleeping aids which can help you.

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