Healthy Habits You Can Pick Up During Pregnancy

Healthy Habits You Can Pick Up During Pregnancy

There are a lot of healthy habits and restrictions that you have to adhere yourselves to during pregnancy. Some of them like swapping cocktails for mocktails or even relinquishing yourself from eating sushi are considered no brainer when you are pregnant. 

However, is it going to be enough when focusing on yourself and your baby?

Some of the things that are good for pregnancy are tacitly obvious but need to be said. Advices like eating nutritious foods, working out and drinking lots of fluid to stay hydrated are considered mainstream advice yet difficult to comply with.

Maybe during this magical 9 months experience of self control can put you back on track. These are some simple habits that will help you in keeping healthy during pregnancy.

Sleeping in can be a healthy habits

healthy habits

While sleeping in for a couple more hours can’t replace sleep debt, it’s sure nice. Pregnancy is relatively hard work. Every system in your body is trying to satisfy the growing demands made by your foetus; as a result you would feel tired more than usual.

There are a few physiological changes which cause you to feel seriously sapped even if you just woke up from a 9 hours sleep. This is why getting an appropriate amount of rest is vital for a healthy pregnancy. It can be one of the top healthy habits that can be tried by a pregnant woman.

Downtime can help curb pregnancy symptoms which include and not limited to nausea, vomiting, back pain, headache and insomnia. The most important aspect of pregnancy care is for you to know the importance of listening to your body.

Take a short nap in the late afternoon or delegate your errands to our husband during the weekend so could have a couple more hours of z-times.

Know how to choose the right snack

healthy habits

In pregnancy, eating can be complicated. Some women subscribed to the idea that they should eat more since they were carrying another person inside. That particular way of thinking is morbid and can lead to complications.

Instead of just buying and stuffing your pantry and fridge with a lot of fast foods, you can learn to choose some nutritious one. Sugar is the leading factor for obesity and this includes foods which are high in carbohydrate.

You can grab a protein bar, fruits or nuts for snacking when you are hungry. At the same time, monitor your blood sugar and don’t overdo it. Eating foods high in protein and fibre can be healthy, but taking lots of them can do you no good.

Keep your eyes on foods that can raise your blood sugar abruptly. Those kinds of foods should be avoided at all costs.

Prevent gum diseases by flossing


If you have never tried flossing before, this is the time to take up on the habit. Pregnant women are susceptible to gum diseases due to hormonal changes. 

If you haven’t visited your dentist for a very long time, maybe you can schedule it now? Failing to practise a good oral care can lead to bleeding and inflammatory gum.

This in turn increases the risk of you getting periodontitis and gingivitis, oral conditions which can cause pregnancy-related complications such as preeclampsia and preterm labour.

Luckily for us, the solution can be simple and pretty elegant. Just floss or brush your teeth frequently and you will be fine.

Healthy habits go hand in hand with healthy drinks

healthy habits

Experts recommend pregnant women to cut down on caffeine intake. The current guideline limits 2 small cups of coffee which can be equivalent to 200 mg of caffeine. 

Drinks which contain caffeine and are high in sugar like soda can act as a diuretics. This simply means that you’re going to pee more than you usually do. Important micronutrients such as calcium would be wasted before your body can even reach out for them.

Sparkling water can be the safest drink of all. You can add in a slice of lemon or orange to make it taste better. If you’re really craving something more than a plain fluid, make a 100% fruit juice with little to no sugar.

Treat yourself, make yourself feel good


Stress can be one of the commonest factors which result in pregnant women to succumb to their own hormonal self. If you have a lot on your plate, decide your priority list and execute accordingly. 

Some tasks can be simplified into a much convenient way of doing things. For example, instead of sending your friend a postcard, you can send them electronic greetings. 

Know how to entertain yourself during this difficult time. Maybe you want to get a massage, manicure, attending yoga class or even out on a date with your husband for a movie. 

Chilling and going out for something fun can contribute a lot to your mental state of health during pregnancy. 

Get in the water

healthy habits

If you can swim, then getting into the water can help a lot to relieve aches and pains. After all, as the pregnancy goes along, the size of your belly can be a contributing factor of why you despise exercises so much.

Being in the water is the best part for a pregnant woman. No matter how big you are, you’ll always feel weightless. In term of healthy habits, swimming can be one of the prime activities for you to consider.

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