6 tips for handling potty training setbacks

6 tips for handling potty training setbacks

You are bound to encounter some potty training problems while trying to accomplish one. It can be quite frustrating.

How can you not? You have made a checklist and your toddler has satisfied all of the surefire signs of being prepared to be potty-trained.

What you failed to notice is potty training, like any other form of learning, grows in a ladder-step fashion.

It can be challenging at first but as soon as your child starts to pick up tips and tricks to do so, it will be a smooth ride.

You will be able to finally get rid of those potty training problems. 

This article would help you get through all of those obstacles you have been facing to help your child grow.

#1 Don’t be mad, be comforting

There is no use of implementing fear element into the learning process. 

Like every other type of learning experience, it should be fun and rewarding.

If you start to lose temper, your child is bound to throw their tantrum especially when they are sensitive to emotional matters.

Nothing worse than a child who tries to prove their parents are wrong. They will amplify potty training problems and make it difficult for you.

Use a calming tone and try to convince your child that they will make it somehow.

Punishment is the worst method of dealing with your child’s potty training setback.

#2 Don’t be too strict with the process, every child progress differently

potty training problems

Remember, there is no such thing as an exact age where your child is ready to be potty training.

If you perceive their development to take such an unrealistic course, you will be disappointed.

Everything will then seem to be falling apart.

Make sure they satisfy all 6 signs that they are ready to be potty trained if you experience failure before proceeding to the next trial.

Some children are only able to be potty trained when they are 4 years and above.

That’s okay. They should learn at their own pace.

#3 Troubleshoot the situation, what seems to be the problem?

You need to identify the reason why they failed to abide by the potty training steps.

The easiest and appropriate way to do this is to ask themselves.

What seems to be the problem and why they are experiencing setbacks.

Some children were just upset, tired, anxious and experienced other triggers that hinder their potential to learn.

While others are just not ready to be potty-trained.

You need to know how to communicate with them without getting her upset.

Try to build their confidence and give some reassurance. Potty training problems are just the same as any form of training problem.

Once you’ve found the root course and dealt with it, they can progress smoothly.

#4 Try to remind your child regarding the basic of potty training

potty training problems

It’s no mystery that some children have some difficulties in grabbing those basic concepts.

They are still at their early phase of learning thus trying to comprehend things will take some time.

Try to implement a regular bathroom schedule at convenient key times such as after waking up, after a meal and before going to bed.

If they succeed, give them some rewards. What if they failed? Well, give them rewards too.

Sometimes, trying itself can be a measure of a successful feat.

#5 Training pants, a great tool to resolve potty training problems

If you want to start early, try to put your kid into training pants. 

It can help teach wetness awareness while ensuring the consequence of potty training problems is less messy.

Try to pick one with cute drawings that fade when it gets wet. 

Just remember though, training pants is not a magical tool that can help your child miraculously learn how to use the potty itself.

It’s a form of warming up before getting into the big league.

Soon, when they are ready, they would be much familiar with the concept of wetness and how uncomfortable they would be.

#6 Remember to give them some break

potty training problems

Everyone needs a break, including your little one. Can you imagine going to school for a year without a single holiday?

Learning can be tiring and downright frustrating but it’s an important process.

If they seem unmotivated, it’s time to give them some rest or just wait until they are ready to learn again.

As soon as they are motivated and show a complete surefire sign to learn to relieve themselves independently, do the potty training.

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