Potty Training, 6 Signs To Know They Are Ready For It

Potty Training, 6 Signs To Know They Are Ready For It

There is no use of bragging about when your child is able to go and about, free from the shackle of their own diaper.

Every single one learns at a different rate and parents shouldn’t be desperate for something just as silly as this one.

Determining a suitable time to submit your child to potty training can be difficult.

However, it’s not your desire which triggers the pace for potty training, it’s their developmental milestone.

If you aren’t sure, this article would provide you with information regarding ways to know, for sure, when is the right time to teach your child about potty training.

Signs which indicate my child is ready for potty training

#1 They are getting smart, you change fewer diapers than before

Don’t expect your child to live diaper free before the age of 2. If they did, then it’s a bonus point for you. 

Up until that particular age, they urinate so frequently that they have to be attended to every hour.

Hence the prospect of letting them go and about diaper-free is unrealistic. 

However, when the time is right, you will find that they would be able to stay dry for an hour or 2.

Or better yet, they woke up from sleep without wetness. It’s a surefire signal that they are ready for the potty training intervention.

#2 Their diaper-changing time is more predictable than ever

potty training

There is wisdom in observing your child’s bowel movement.

For one, it enables you to determine, when is the right time to prompt your child to get his wetting session in the bathroom.

As they progress to 2 or 3 years old, you would find that they have a set of bowel-moving rhythm that can help you anticipate when is the right time to potty.

It can be after they have woken up, after getting their meals or before stepping into bed.

All of these signs increase their likelihood to succeed in the potty training intervention.

#3 They pointed out to you that it’s time to go

Some children are smart enough to know when is the right time to go.

It can be as simple as pointing out their finger to the bathroom, crying in agony because they just can’t stand it or tell you verbally.

Some kids retreat to the corner of the room while producing a preemptive grunt.

Yes, they know what they feel, only less how to communicate it to you.

When either one of the stated signs is present, you should know that they are smart enough to aware of their own body’s function.

Hence it’s time to pull out the potty and make the most out of it.

#4 They know how to undress no matter how simply they do it

potty training

You can’t really teach your child to step onto a potty if they can’t undress themselves however simple it may be.

If they can yank their trousers down along with their underwear, you would know it’s a suitable time to introduce them to the world of do-it-yourself potty training.

If your child is a girl, a simple hike-up their own skirts would do the trick.

#5 They know what bathroom lingo means

There is a lot of terminologies that can be used to describe whatever things you dump in the bathroom.

Some people use numbers while others just straight up kid-friendly jargon such as “pee-pee” or “boom-boom”.

Whatever it is, if they understand and do communicate with you the right word for the right action, they understand it.

It’s one of the ways to identify whether your child is suitable for potty training.

#6 Dirty diapers? No, thank you!

potty training

At some point, your child would know that their personal messes are yucky.

They might still be touching it but afterwards, they are eager to escape from it as soon as they can.

Disliking their own dirty diapers can be one of the earliest signs you would be able to realise which indicates that they are ready.

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