Maternal Changes (Month 8)

Maternal Changes (Month 8)

Lot of things to do, but so little time. I’m sure you have listed some of the things you want to buy or install before the big day. Informing your health insurance company, buying an infant car seat, signing up for birth classes, these are some of the few things you should consider doing.

Although you have been struggling with lots of symptoms in the past, none of it has slowed you down. You are still actively moving, working (if you are), doing chores and taking care of your health for the sake of your baby.

Regardless, these are some symptoms that might appear or sustain from the previous month:

Darker nipples: Well, no one knows the biology behind it but there are a lot of theories. Some said its darken to make it easy for your baby to look for it. I mean, its sounds logical but doesn’t mean it’s true. Regardless, your body is amazing, isn’t it?

Heartburn: Still feel it? Have you bought some antacids? Well, they are safe to be used by a pregnant mother so go ahead. Take it. If you aren’t sure, consult your doctor.

Leaky breasts: Well as it grows bigger, a lot of breast milk will be produced and it can leak from that structure. Colostrum will be incorporated in the breast milk, so don’t be surprised if you see yellowish discharge from your breast. It’s the most nutritious meal for your baby.

Shortness of breath: Like the month before, as your uterus gets bigger, you will have much more difficulty in breathing. Don’t push yourself too hard. Rest if you are tired.

More false contraction: It can be nasty. I mean, as the pregnancy progresses, your false contraction would become more frequent and stronger. Try to change your position as you felt it. 

More discharge: Yup, your vagina is secreting extra fluid to protect itself from infection. Think it as a preparation process, before the big day. You have to note the colour of your discharge. If it’s bloody, thick or at a time, copious amount of clear discharge, get to the hospital as fast as you could.

Pregnant Belly

Need I say more. Your belly should measure between 30 to 34 centimetres. If you have diabetes, preeclampsia or other medical conditions, this measurement would tell you a rough clinical possibility of what’s happening to the baby inside. People who were pregnant with twins have it rough. 

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