Maternal Changes (Month 4)

Maternal Changes (Month 4)

When you are starting to slow down, tired of the extra load you have to carry, your baby starts to kick you up, telling you not to give up on him. You will smile. Why? Because this is the first time he ever kick you. It’s exciting and entertaining for some.

Apart from that kicky things, he will also be able to hear your voice so feel free to tell your baby beautiful stories about life. At least he will recognise your voice once he’s out.

Good news for you, you will have a much more lustrous, thick hair, radiant skin and faster growing nails. Sure, why not? Other stuff which are included in the package of 4 months pregnancy include: 

  • Bigger breasts: This should be the moment whereby your body is completely ready to breastfeed your child, even if he is yet to be born and now only the size of an avocado. Some people experience a moderate change in terms of its size and some people grows several cup sizes ahead from the pre-pregnancy size.
  • Backaches: This is considered as a side effect of all those pregnancy hormones. Try to sit and stand up straight (even though difficult) and practice a low-impact exercise tailored to your pregnancy needs.
  • Pregnancy brain: It can be because you are thinking too much or it can be caused by your raging hormones. Nevertheless, no one knew the exact cause.
  • Constipation: As your uterus grows, it will start to impinge on your intestines causing difficulty to defecate. Eat lots of fibre rich food and get hydrated. You should be fine. 
  • Sensitive eyes: Well, what can I say? Too much symptoms caused by hormones. Consult your doctors if you felt uncomfortable.
  • Glowing skin: That’s right. If you are wondering when the pregnancy glow that people are always talking about start, it’s now!

As twins pregnancy is considered a high risk pregnancy, you should be vigilant. Nevertheless, up to this point, your symptoms should just be the same with a mom who is carrying one baby.

Pregnant belly

There isn’t so much to talk about a 16 week pregnant belly other than you will feel occasional baby kick and soon, that baby is going to move. You might think that you are just bloated and full of gas but soon enough, you will be sure its the baby. It’s a bit tricky for people who carry twins or triplets. So much kicking! 

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