Maternal Changes (Month 2)

Maternal Changes (Month 2)

You are turning into a superhuman! Yes, now, you are more sensitive to your surroundings, especially if it involves anything that you can smell. You know what’s that signify? You will become irritable as most of the smell you caught can be fingers down the throat.  Pregnancy nose, right? 

These are some of the pregnancy symptoms that you would experience now:

    • Enlarged and sore breasts: Your milk-producing ducts start to expand, preparing your body for pregnancy. 
    • Morning sickness: Yup, this is certainly not good news, I know. You might experience a much more intense nausea and vomiting. Remember to keep yourself well-fed and stay hydrated.
  • Constipation: It’s not easy relieving yourself through the backdoor. You have to take lots of fibre-rich foods and stay hydrated. 
    • Weird dreams: Anxiety could be the reason why especially if this is your first pregnancy. You are worried about a lot of things and this can trigger vivid and strange dreams, occasionally nightmares.
    • Pregnancy Cramps: Although this is considered normal, it is not fun at all. Your ligaments in the abdomen start to stretch, accommodating some space for your ever enlarging uterus. Let your doctor know if this symptom bother you.
  • Fatigue: Your baby needs lots of nutrients to grow, as you were producing more blood for the baby, your blood pressure and blood sugar starting to drop. Don’t worry though! Sneak in a few naps and make sure to sleep early.

Mind you, most of these are moderate in intensity when it comes to a single pregnancy. You can double that if you are carrying twins or worse, triplets. Whatever it is, as your body is trying to accomodate to the environment full of hormones, whisper to yourself that it will be worth it. Big times!

Pregnant belly

This is exciting. Your belly starts to show! For the moment, the size of your belly is not important. It will be, once you are in the second trimester but for now, your symptoms matter. Some women would have a cute bump but for others, sometimes, they don’t look like they were pregnant. It’s normal, unless if you are carrying twins. Let your doctor knows if you have some concerns regarding symptoms or any aspect of the pregnancy that have been making you anxious.

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