Male Infertility, How To Cope With It?

Male Infertility, How To Cope With It?

It’s daunting. People are quick to point fingers to women when facing infertility issues. In fact, most of them are subjected to invasive fertility tests which can be pretty expensive, painful and for some, took a few months to diagnose when in fact the problem lies with the man.

That’s what happened to Davina when she and her husband failed to conceive even after trying for a year. Davina was sent for various forms of invasive fertility tests but after quite a while, everything looks normal. Only then, they shifted their medical concern to her husband.

His fertility tests suggested that only 1% of his sperms are normal. He was shocked, depressed and felt helpless. 

There’s no one he can express his concern to, he felt confused and online search results that came up pertaining to the topic “infertility issues” were all pink. You know something is wrong when you ask a question in a forum and some women respond on behalf of their husbands.

It’s like there was nothing for men.

Understanding male infertility

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Male infertility is quite common, this is one of the many facts that we can’t refute. It’s a condition in which a man is unable to conceive with his partner after at least a year of trying. There are a few reasons why this condition could happen:

  1. Inadequate sperm production
  2. Abnormal sperm’s function
  3. There’s a blockage which prevent sperm from getting to the egg

Various underlying medical problems which can lead to male infertility. Those who have underlying chronic diseases such as diabetes and thyroid conditions could experience difficulty in conceiving a child.

Others could have taken drugs that affect sperm production and motility causing the aforementioned fertility issues. These can be a certain anti-cancer medication, steroid use and testosterone therapy, just to name a few.

Submitting to unhealthy lifestyles can be a sperm killer too. Infertility is just the tip of the iceberg when we talk about complications of adopting pathological habits such as smoking, obesity and excessive drinking.

Despite all of this information, we are usually clueless regarding the specific cause for male infertility . In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health in the United States, most of the time, experts aren’t able to figure out why they (men) can’t get their wives pregnant. 

Could I get my wife pregnant if I’m facing fertility issues?

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The thing is, fertilization processes are not simple. Whether it is successful or not will depend entirely on your remaining sperm’s ability to penetrate through a woman’s egg. However, it’s worth taking note that some men are able to conceive with their wives without any medical intervention.

Their ability diminish as the number of healthy sperms decline. Ultimately, people who have a condition called azoospermia (semen which contain no sperm) have to think about alternative methods if they want to raise a child. 

Sperm donors or adoption can be great ways to raise a kid. However, the former might raise religious issues, thus for some people, adoption can be the most ideal choice. Whether you can impregnate your wife or not, will depend on a multitude of factors.

Fortunately, there are various treatment regimes that a man can opt into facilitate fertilization process depending on the cause of male infertility.

Possible treatment for male infertility

male infertility

The most simple intervention that a doctor could have suggested was lifestyle changes. It’s simple but difficult. Oh, the irony.

People who were facing male infertility should know when to quit smoking, lose some weight if they are obese and slow down on alcohol. If you took medications for a certain medical condition, you should let your specialist know too.

Otherwise, most of the interventions focus on treating the underlying problems. Doctors usually prescribe medications to those who have a deranged fasting blood sugar or thyroid disorders.

If your problem is surgical in nature such as varicocele, a surgeon might be able to help you. Regardless, assisted reproductive therapies such as in-vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination can be tried if the underlying cause for the male infertility is not known.

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