5 Important Changes To Increase Fertility In Men

5 Important Changes To Increase Fertility In Men

Preconception health is one of the most important domains to focus on if you are trying to get pregnant. It entails important factors such as male fertility as a prerequisite to achieving a successful conception.

Naturally, when someone plans to have a baby, we tend to give extra attention to the woman. 

We tend to forget that her husband is just as much as involved in the conceiving process.

There are a few recommendations that you ought to try as a part of your preconception plan.

Lose some weight to boost your male fertility

Most people know the importance of keeping an ideal BMI to boost health.

However, you might have left out the detail that this particular feat is important for male fertility too.

Experts have postulated that obesity can increase the likelihood for an individual to experience infertility.

Increased fats in the scrotum can alter testicular temperature causing negative consequences which could affect sperm’s characteristics hence fertility.

It is also worth noting that obesity can cause pathological changes to sex hormones and their binding protein.

This could affect sperm production and function.

It’s time to quit smoking

male fertility

If you think smoking is cool, think about how it can damage your sperms.

The smoke that you inhaled can not only destroy your lung cells, but it can also affect various physiological processes in your entire body too.

This includes male fertility. How neat!

A meta-analysis involving 20 studies which were published on European Urology in 2016 has shown how detrimental smoking is to male fertility.

Those who smoke are associated with a medical condition called oligospermia (reduced sperm count).

This negative effect is proportional to the type of smokers you are. 

Heavy smokers have fewer sperm count. 

Moreover, most of the sperms they do possess have decreased motility (movement) and poor morphological features (shape).

Keep your laptop off your lap if you are concern with male fertility

As testes need a specific temperature to function well, the extra heat from the external sources can affect sperm quality and fertility.

There is a reason why testes are located outside of our bodies. 

They are always two degrees cooler than our core body temperature. Anything that can interfere with that can affect fertility.

The laptop does emit heat out. According to a study in 2005, those who use laptops on their lap experience a quite significant increment in the scrotal temperature.

Moreover, the way men sit can also affect the temperature of your testes.

Stay away from the hot tub

male fertility

A study which was conducted by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) has found a correlation between infertility and how much time men spent in the hot tub.

These things can be comfortably added to your lifestyle recommendation. It’s not only important to avoid them when you are trying to get pregnant with your wife.

Fertility itself can affect your overall health and sexual life.

Resist your urge to go cycling

Yes, you heard that right. Biking for more than 5 hours can be bad for your fertility.

Those who cycle long-distance impose a significant percentage of their own weight on their perineum which is located in between your testes and your rectum.

This form of “trauma” can hinder blood flow which can affect sperm production as a whole.

You can go on a cycle, but try to refrain yourself from doing so while trying to conceive with your wife.

Medical evidence has laid out some obvious correlations to encourage you to think twice.

Keep yourself healthy and try to exercise more

Even though you have to abstain from cycling, doesn’t mean you can live sedentarily. 

You need to eat healthy foods, exercise according to the current recommendation and get a good night sleep.

There is no telling which one of the factors may affect your male fertility and cause some problems for you to conceive a baby.

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