Libresse® strongly believes in celebrating ONE thing –the joy of being a woman. We’re committed to helping women today feel secure and confident in whatever they do. And that’s our everyday mission. Fit.

Fit. Fit. That’s the most important thing! We’re inspired by women’s shape and what they wear. Just imagine putting on that tailored-made red dress, or a pair of jeans that tightly fits, bet you’d feel like a million dollars. No doubt, we want our products to make you feel the exact same way.

We never compromise for anything less from quality, to comfort, fit and even our products’ design. With SecureFit technology, our pads are uniquely shaped with a wider front, narrower middle and curves neatly in the back to fit your every curve. And with Deep Flow Channels, it quickly drives liquid inside.

We also have pantyliners to boot. They are superbly thin, stretchable, breathable with an oh-so-soft-cottony surface, which are suitable for everyday use.

In short, our products have the perfect line-up of sanitary pads and liners to help you welcome the monthly visits. Let’s roll out the white carpet!

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