Do You Have A Team Of Healthcare Providers Yet? This Is How You’re Going To Pick Them

Do You Have A Team Of Healthcare Providers Yet? This Is How You’re Going To Pick Them

The management of pregnancy is often multidisciplinary involving a bunch of doctors from different specialities if needed. While preparing for your pregnancy, you have to think about how to choose appropriate healthcare providers.

However, the most important individual to partake in the plan itself is you. You will make an informed decision regarding what kind of treatment that will suit your needs. So this section would enlighten you on some of the most essential members that you want for your team.

You want this in your healthcare providers team

Obstetrics & Gynecologist doctors

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They were trained specifically to cater to the women population that require consultation and medical treatment pertaining to reproduction, female-related medical and surgical issues and of course, pregnancy. Most of the pregnancies handled by an obstetrician are high-risk pregnancies. If normal delivery is too risky for you, they will be the one who heads the surgical team to conduct a caesarean section.

Family doctors

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Family doctors or family practitioners are medical doctors who specialised in providing healthcare to family members. You would be familiar with them because they usually reside in Klinik Kesihatan. A family doctor usually handles simple cases of pregnancy for further monitoring and management. They proved to be one of the most valuable members of your healthcare providers team.



They are certified nurses who have been properly trained and licensed to practice in the obstetric field. Apart from providing prenatal visits and helping in conducting delivery, midwives are also responsible towards care for the newborn before they would be transferred to the paediatric unit. Their role in the team is quite critical and they can assist the doctor if complications occur during delivery.


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They are healthcare providers who specialised in neonatal care. A neonatologist usually handles babies which require intensive care. This includes premature baby,  babies of diabetic mothers and other associated fetal complications from high-risk pregnancies.  



These are people who specialised in helping women through their childbearing experience. They are not doctors. However, they play a significant role in providing emotional support to the pregnant mother while accompanying them throughout the pregnancy. Their responsibility ranges from finding classes for new mothers to attend to, providing moral support when you are in labour and helping the new mother to accommodate to the new environment during the post-pregnancy period.

Pick a place you want to deliver

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Before deciding who you want for your healthcare providers team, you have to choose the hospital that you want to deliver in. It’s no use of choosing someone from Hospital Kuala Lumpur when you are residing in Pulau Pinang. You have to consider the following questions when choosing your hospital:

  • Is it located near your house? 
  • Is it a tertiary, secondary or primary centre?
  • What is the hospital’s protocol when you arrive in labour?
  • How many patients does a single healthcare provider care for?
  • Does the hospital have neonatologists, just in case, if it is a high-risk pregnancy? How about a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)? Is it available?
  • What does the birthing room look like? Is it one room per mother or you have to share with others? Would you like some privacy or you don’t mind sharing with others?
  • Can your partner stay with you during the delivery process or do they have to wait outside?
  • What kind of sleeping arrangement allowed for your partner during ward stay?
  • Is there any education program pertaining to lactation which is provided by the hospital?
  • Is it a teaching hospital? Would there be any medical students apart from your healthcare providers?
  • How much is the parking fee?

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