Feeling Like Snapping? Well, These Are 5 Relationship Changes After You Have A Baby

Feeling Like Snapping? Well, These Are 5 Relationship Changes After You Have A Baby

Changes don’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Sometime, we have to adapt to our current life situation to make it work. This is especially after you have a baby.

Nothing seems more important anymore other than taking care of your bundle of joys.

Maybe some of your friends whispered how bad your changes certainly are, but that doesn’t make them right.

This article would highlight 5 important points regarding relationship change after you have a baby. Oh, and why is it good for you.

#1 Communication changes after you have a baby

The most important thing you need to understand is that relationships need time to develop. Both you and your partner need to put some effort into it but this is extremely difficult especially after you have a baby.

Communication between you and your partner quickly changes from the old witty and flirty to a much more transactional tone.

Some couples who have a baby rarely talk to each other. When they do, it would be to ask for something.

“Go get me a bottle” or “hey, it’s your turn to take care of our child”.

This can be the most common source of irritation. Taking care of a baby can be quite demanding.

However, it’s possible. You can make some time for each other and this can involve logistical planning, like asking help from your family or hire a babysitter.

#2 You are no longer spontaneous

have a baby

Remember when you could schedule a spontaneous date with your husband? Well, shoot! When you have a child, well, you can’t.

You have to be more plan-savvy and get everything ready before you can step out of your house.

This is no longer exciting and it can be mild. It’s okay  however, to take a few moments to mourn for your old life.

You can have a chatting session with your husband which doesn’t involve your child. Try to avoid any logistical chatting as well.

Remind yourself that both of you are hanging around each other because both of you like it.

You can amend the little thing to suit your expectation.

I mean, eating dinner while watching Netflix can be as much fun as watching a movie.

#3 When baby blues make pretty much everything difficult

Riding an emotional roller coaster is to be expected. Even if you are not being diagnosed with postpartum depression, it can be difficult to have some fun.

Around 80% mothers experienced baby blues. This is not something which can be easily overlooked, especially when you have a child.

What’s worse, your partner can be affected by postpartum depression as well.

People told you that it would be difficult to sleep when you have a baby, but no one told you that it would be difficult to do other simple things too.

The stresses that come when you have a baby is real.

Some people might experience relationship turmoil as they failed to put each other in their own priority list.

However, if you could understand that all of this happened temporarily, you would be able to withstand it.

If not, get professional help.

#4 The chronicle of not having sex after you have a baby

have a baby

After you have a baby, there are a few reasons why you aren’t having sex with your partner.

It can be due to the fact you are tired all the time, can’t seem to find time to do it, your body is a mess, you are pretty much annoyed with your husband or all of the above.

Whatever it is, you have to understand that it is okay to take it slow. 

Just because your doctor gives you a green light for a carnal activity, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

Focus on the romance side. There’s more to life than the sex itself.

Make your partner a priority and you need to ensure the fire is lit up hot enough to feel the heat of sexual romance.

Don’t omit foreplay in your sexual activities. It’s one of the sexual aspects that indicates a good communication between you and your partner.

#5 Differences in parenting style can make you go mad

Every single person in this world is unique. They might have been brought up with a certain way but have completely the opposite opinion.

It’s  important for you to know the importance of parental discussion with your partner after you have a baby.

If the difference is negligible, let it go.

You can’t micromanage every single thing your partner is trying to teach your child.

If both of you want to make it work, let each other do things the way they are comfortable with.

If you disagree?

Well, talk if with your partner. Discuss it properly and lay out some important points why you wouldn’t agree with the way they are doing things.

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