Getting A Twin

Getting A Twin

Twin babies, did they really run in families? Can’t we like opted for one? Hey, I want to try to get pregnant and lets just ensure that it’s twin or triplets this time. I want twin babies. Unfortunately for you, this occurrence, like anything else would depend on a variety of factors.

Twin babies; do they run in families?

If your wife has twins siblings in her family, then you would get a lot more than an average percentage of scoring twin babies compared to other people. I’ve heard about that but is it true though? Well, it depends on the type of twin babies. If we are talking about fraternal twins in which two babies which come from two eggs that have been released at the same time, then yeah.

What about identical twins? According to experts, no evidence has suggested that being born in a family full of identical twins or being one of the twins yourself that could’ve scaled up your chances of getting an identical twins. Identical twins come from a single egg and it appears to be a spontaneous occurrence.

A certain type of gene can influence the probability of a woman to release more than one egg during each menstrual cycle. If both of these eggs were successfully fertilized, then, you’ve got yourself a fraternal twin babies. They might have looked different but still they are conceived at the same time.

The tendency of a woman to release more than one egg is called hyperovulation. This type of woman would have a naturally high level of hormones that regulate the release of an ovum when they are fertile. What about the father? What happen if the father inherit the gene responsible for hyperovulation? Well, nothing will happen. It will not influence the likelihood or you to conceive twin babies.  

How likely for you to get twin babies

There are a few factors that can be considered to know the likelihood for you to get twin babies. 

  • Age 35 and above
  • Taking fertility treatments
  • Overweight
  • History of multiple pregnancy

Even if you check most of the criteria above, don’t count on it too much. You would have an increased odds of getting twin babies but still relatively low.

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