Fetal Changes

Fetal Changes

(BC) The 28th Week – Eggplant Getting Ready

Your baby will continue to grow, adding layers of fat under their skin, making them as big as an eggplant. Your baby is getting into a proper position preparing themselves to be delivered soon. 

Their wrinkled skin would start to get smoother, thanks to those fats and what’s more exciting is, they were practicing breathing! 

Their lungs are mature enough up to the point whereby if they are to be born now, they would be able to survive. They will also start to blink, hiccuping and have a much more intense sucking action.

You will be monitored more frequently (twice a month), and an ultrasound scan would be carried out to identify the position of the placenta. If it is normally situated, then it should be fine. If it is not, meaning its covering the opening which should be the exit for your baby during delivery, then you will be diagnosed with a condition called placenta praevia. 

Depending on the extent of the placenta covering the opening os, you will either be given a chance to try vaginal delivery or caesarean section. Try to be patient as you are just a few weeks away from meeting your beloved son/daughter.

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