7 Early Signs of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

7 Early Signs of Pregnancy Before a Missed Period

Every pregnant woman experiences different sets of early symptoms. There are no specific early signs of pregnancy.

Some women experience nausea and vomiting, others would have realised they experience a missed period as the primary sign of pregnancy.

There are a few other symptoms which can signal pregnancy apart from a missed period.

It can be common or uncommon, whatever it is, the symptoms are quite similar to any other ailment.

Which is why it is a good idea to consult a doctor rather than to assume you are pregnant.

This article would enlighten you regarding early signs of pregnancy that you can experience apart from a missed period.

To test or not to test

Some women tend to test themselves rather frequently when they are planning to have a baby.

Others just don’t realise they were pregnant especially those women who experience irregular menses.

Regardless, without testing yourselves, you wouldn’t for sure that you’re expecting a baby.

This list of early signs of pregnancy can be the trigger for you to go ahead and take that test.

#1 Breast pain, not uncommon early signs of pregnancy

early signs of pregnancy

Although your vagina located much nearer to the uterus,  breasts are often the first body part which receives the news of conception.

As the level of oestrogen starts to rise, women may feel some tingly sensation, soreness or even breast pain.

You can’t even touch them without cringing.

However, it’s an unreliable symptom since women who experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can present with the same complaint.

#2 Feeling fatigued all the time

A lot of physiological changes happen at the same time when you are pregnant.

Hormonal imbalances, early foetal development etc. all of these processes require energy. Lots of them.

You will be napping a lot, feeling sluggish and over-emotional. 

However, it’s worth noting that people who are PMS-ing can experience the same symptom.

That doesn’t mean you can’t test yourself though.

#3 Here comes the morning sickness

early signs of pregnancy

Feeling nauseous and vomiting has been sold as one of the early signs of pregnancy.

Due to an exponential increase in pregnancy hormones, everything went a bit over the place.

If you think this is the worst state you have ever been in, wait for 4 more weeks.

In the earlier phases of pregnancy, morning sickness can get worse. However, do note that some women don’t even experience morning sickness.

It may be just some food poisoning or stomach bug.

#4 Acquire a keen sense of smell

Some women do tell their doctors that they were having a keen sense of smell like one of their early signs of pregnancy.

This can be a side effect of oestrogen hormone. Which means, women who are experiencing PMS can get the hang of the same capability.

You might want to tell your husband to hide their dirty sock or better, clean them up.

You might just find them even if they were hidden away.

#5 Pee a lot, could be one of the early signs of pregnancy but not definite

As there are two lives, your kidney would have to work hard filtering out excess waste products from your blood.

You would be running to the toilet quite a lot. One piece of advice, don’t run.

It can be quite inconvenient if it is one of your early signs of pregnancy.

As your pregnancy progresses, your enlarged uterus would put a strain on your urinary bladder which would make it much worse.

You should get your pregnancy test as soon as you can. If negative, it can be a sign of other conditions such as urinary tract infection or diabetes mellitus.

#6 Feeling uneasy and bloated. That just might be it!

early signs of pregnancy

Every woman hates the feel of uneasiness and bloating when they are PMS-ing.

During pregnancy, as the hormone progesterone increases, the activity of your digestive tract would slow down.

This would cause gas to be trapped inside your intestines making you feel bloated.

It would be great if you can reduce the amount of food intake per meal. Taking small meals frequently can help with this issue.

#7 Something creamy comes out

If you are experiencing vaginal discharge, better check them out. It’s normal to experience them after ovulation, however, it can be one of your early signs of pregnancy.

You might want to take a pregnancy test to confirm your suspicion. 

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