Should You Take A Cup Of Coffee While Breastfeeding?

Should You Take A Cup Of Coffee While Breastfeeding?

Coffee has been considered as one of the most popular drinks in the whole wide world. It’s fair to say that coffee’s popularity goes hand in hand with tea. Are you a coffee or a tea person? Chances are if you don’t get your usual cup of coffee in the morning, you are going to get cranky and sleepy. Well, during pregnancy you have to control your caffeine intake to as low as 200 mg per day. This is equivalent to two small cups of coffee. That’s quite heroic don’t you say?

What about during breastfeeding? Do I have to curb my caffeine intake too? Well, there is no easier way of dictating this kind of thing but that depends. Generally speaking, drinking coffee will not necessarily cause adverse effects on your baby. 

Only a small portion of caffeine found in the breast milk


According to a study which was conducted among 15 lactating women, only a trace amount (0.06-1.5%) of caffeine was found in the breast milk after giving them in between 36 to 335 mg of caffeinated beverages. However, whether you should cut it out a little while longer will depend on your baby.

Maybe 0.06% is such a smaller number so you would think it as fine. However, you should note that infants can’t process much caffeine as rapidly as adults. 

Some babies are more sensitive to the physiological effect of caffeine compared to the other. Every single baby has their own level of physiological sensitivity. When the amount of caffeine you take everyday exceeds the amount the can tolerate they will start to show signs.

There are a few nonspecific symptoms that could give you some clues to cut your drinking coffee habit while breastfeeding your child. This include irritability, being fussy and difficult to fall asleep. Sleep is important for their overall growth and development so that’s not a plus point.

Drinking coffee per recommendation during breastfeeding

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Recommendations pertaining to caffeine intake differs with sources. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), 200 mg caffeine or two small cups of coffee per day is the maximum limit. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on the other hand, allows a maximum of 3 small cups of coffee but depends on the type of coffee. Ordering a coffee with a few shots of espresso could mean one cup is the upper limit.

What you should know is every single type of caffeinated product contains different amounts of caffeine. It would be difficult to make use of that information, however, recommendations which have been extended by the ACOG seems to be on a much safer limit. 

The simplest explanation I could give you is to drink in moderation and keep on monitoring your baby regularly. If they look restless, have trouble falling asleep etc. it will be good for you to contemplate the amount of caffeinated drinks that you would be able to take daily.

Reducing the number of cups of coffee you take can do wonders. Drink a few hours before your baby’s meal time and you’re good to go.

Last but not least 

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Being a new mother (if you are) can be difficult. You have to be vigilant when it comes to you and your child’s health. That may involve cutting your usual cups of coffee before, during and after pregnancy. If you have questions or if you are clueless on how to proceed, talk to your doctor now.

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