Infant Car Seat Safety 101: Buckle Up Your Baby Properly

Infant Car Seat Safety 101: Buckle Up Your Baby Properly

Car seat for babies: getting a safety check

Some of us have no clue whether we are doing it correctly or it’s just plain wrong.

According to a report published by the American Academy of Paediatric (AAP), approximately 10 per cent of new parents use car seats for babies properly.

That’s way lower than what we should expect. Others, either let the harness or the car seat too loosely in its place.

Thus, you should know how to get someone to double-check your work. 

There are various companies which offer safety checks to your car seat for babies.

What you need to keep in mind though is to ensure the technician who was inspecting your work is professionally certified.

They are familiar with the latest recommendations for safety checking of your car seat for babies.

You have to know how to buckle your baby properly to a car seat for babies

car seat for babies

There are a few safety tips you can keep in mind to protect your children.

Ensure that your baby is dressed properly. As the harness straps the baby at different points, they should be dressed properly to maximise comfort. 

Instead of fixing your baby car seat too flat, set it at a 45-degree angle. Your baby might slide out easily if they are positioned flat. If you position your baby too upright, they might experience head flopping forward, making it difficult to breathe. 

Ensure that your baby’s head is well secured in the most comfortable way. You can pad the side of your baby’s head to keep them secure if your car seat for babies doesn’t have any special cushions attached to it. 

Pay extra attention to your baby’s harnesses. You should know how to adjust the harness properly. If you are clueless, refer to the guidebook which should be included with the car seat for babies. If you strap them too tight, trust me, they will let you know.

Stabilise your baby with a blanket if slouches. You need to know, newborn, depending on their size, usually slouches to one side of the seat. Put a reasonably sized blanket or hand towel on each side of your baby shoulders. 

Put in some toys for them too. One of the most helpful tips for your baby is to put some toys for them. They would behave and you can focus on keeping your driving safe. Ensure that the toys are big and soft to prevent unwanted accidents while you are driving.

Should a baby wear a jacket in a car seat?

car seat for babies

Some parents love to dress up their babies. They put them in a nice, cosy and cute sweater or jacket before travelling by car. 

The thing is, this extra layer of thick garment between your baby and the harness can make it difficult for you to properly secure your baby.

If you want to add an extra layer of cloth to protect them from cold, you can cover them with a blanket on top of the secured car seat for babies.

The point is to secure your baby while adding a layer of comfort for a smooth ride.

Can I leave my baby napping in the car seat?

Though secure, a car seat for babies is not a suitable place for an unsupervised snooze. 

While it can be acceptable if you go on a short trip, you should never expect the car seat to be a safe haven for your little one to take a nap.

This particular fact has been confirmed by a paper in 2015 which was published in the Journal of Paediatrics.

Babies who are left to snooze in their car seat are at risk of dying from strangulation or suffocation.

If your baby needs to sleep, you may want to put her back in her crib. 

Stopping at any R&R stop can be considered acceptable and you should find a safe spot for them to nap and for you to rest.

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