Having A C-Section? You Might Not Know About These 5 Things

Having A C-Section? You Might Not Know About These 5 Things

Having a caesarean section (or c section) can seem daunting especially to new mothers.

If it is expected, you can prepare yourself (emotional, mental, physical) before the said procedure.

However, if the c section is carried out unexpectedly, it can be scary especially to the mother.

No one loves to go through a surgical procedure. There are a lot of potential complications pertaining to it.

However, if you experienced certain complications or obstacle in delivering your baby, c section can be one of the live-saving choices.

Here are some of the things you might not know about the c section.

#1 Your surgical staff might be talking a lot of random stuff

Being awake while a c section procedure can be thrilling. However, you might be offended when surgical staff start to talk about random stuff.

It can be about what they watched last night, hospital gossip or a bunch of other non-medical topics.

You might feel like scolding them for not being attentive to you and your baby but I assure you they are.

When your healthcare providers show a different kind of camaraderie in your surgical room, it shows that they are quite experienced and have done this multiple times.

Sometimes, it can be calming for the mother to focus her attention to something else instead of being anxious about the procedure.

#2 Some hospitals might tie you down to the operating table

c section

If you think the reason why they tie you down is to prevent you from moving while experiencing the pain of the c section, you are partially correct.

They did tie you to stop you from moving, but not due to the pain. You will be given adequate anaesthesia for that 

Some mothers are overexcited with the birth of the baby and try to grab onto their baby.

This will not only cause harm to you and your baby but can also compromise the sterile surgical field.

#3 You might feel ‘disconnected’ from the rest of your body

As you will be numbed chest down during the surgery, some women describe the experience as somewhat disconnecting.

The anaesthesia would let the doctor do their work without putting you in pain, that’s a good sign.

But feeling numbed can be uncomfortable and scary.

The most important thing that you need to remember is, you need to focus on the procedure.

Keep yourself calm, you have raised your baby for 9 to 10 months. This surgical intervention will be the reason for you to meet your baby soon.

#4 While you are having a c section, your partner might be out of their own mind

c section

This is especially true for a first-timer. Your partner tends to overthink what could happen if the procedure fails.

As a result, they will be anxious throughout the procedure. 

Some of them don’t even expect their wives would be pushed for a c section.

They are expecting a normal delivery but complications ensue.

Don’t worry about your husband or partner though. They will get over it.

The only reason why they are scared is that those feelings are quite foreign to them.

I mean, not every day you will feel anxious and thrill at the same time. 

#5 You can definitely watch your baby arrive

Some women are excited to see how their baby makes it out from the womb into the world.

If you don’t bother about blood, some hospitals would be able to provide you with a “family-centred” c section. 

Instead of drape, you will be covered with clear plastic to allow you to witness the whole event.

No one can really describe the feeling of excitement when they saw their baby being pulled out and alive.

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