(BC) The 8th Week – The Tail Has Gone!

(BC) The 8th Week – The Tail Has Gone!

Well, your baby has grown a lot since the last week. Remember, when they were just as small as a blueberry? Well, not anymore. They are now as big as a raspberry. Let’s do an ultrasound check! Now, you might be surprised to see that your baby has already got better-looking arms and legs. Well, at least, they look a lot less like a paddle now. Their fingers and toes are slightly webbed, but we are getting there. No need to rush. 

So what about their tails? Tails? Yes, initially they have one at the earliest stage of their development but by this week, their tail has gone completely. Your baby will start to develop either a girl or a boy part. However, it is too early for your doctor to know which sex the baby would be. 

Taste buds started to wiggle out of their tongue, gearing up for their first meal. You would notice that your baby’s upper lip starting to form, their cute button nose starting to protrude and look at that! They have thin and tiny eyelids. Their hearts beating at a rate of 150 to 170 beats per minute and occasionally, they twitch producing spontaneous movements. They are quite anxious to meet you!

As this week is your first prenatal appointment (people usually meet with their doctor by this time), there are a few samples that you have to give so that your doctor can start running a few tests. You will be checked on your:

  • Full blood count (Red cells, white cells and platelets)
  • Blood type (Blood group and Rhesus factor)
  • Hormone levels
  • Screening for Hepatitis B, HIV and STDs.

You will also need to get a pap smear, to check whether you have infections or not. Better safe than sorry. Peeing in the cup comes next, we need to know your glucose and protein level. Any abnormalities would be addressed early on so that there will be no complication whatsoever throughout your pregnancy. This is your routine now for the next 8 months or so. See you next month and don’t you dare to skip your appointment.

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