(BC) The 42nd Week – A Medal For You

(BC) The 42nd Week – A Medal For You

A whole lot of eyes would be on you this week. Though it’s considered normal for a baby to arrive past due date, without a proper plan, you might be dealing with some complications.

Your baby’s skin can become cracked, dried, peeled or wrinkled as a consequence to virtually less vernix covering the skin. 

Their nails and hair would become elongated and none of the lanugo would be covering the baby. There might be some but too insignificant to gain attention.

You might be frustrated but remember, your baby is also anxious and have been patient to meet you. Your baby would be monitored every single day through biophysical profiles and nonstress tests. 

The best thing to look for is when your bundle of joy safely delivered and being held around your gracious warm hand. Congratulations! It’s such an incredible journey and now, you are a mother to a child.

Be proud.

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