(BC) The 41st Week – Oh My Pumpkin. Do You Want To Meet Me?

(BC) The 41st Week – Oh My Pumpkin. Do You Want To Meet Me?

There is nothing wrong with a late checkout. Statistically speaking, around 10% of babies usually opted for an overstay at your Villa De Uterus.

Remember, getting past a due date doesn’t necessarily mean your baby is overdue. There can be some mistakes in the calculation of the due date. Nevertheless, as long as their vitals are steady and mothers are healthy, we have a few things to complain about, don’t we?

When you have passed your due date, your baby’s endocrine system would offer a helping hand. A chemical signal would be sent to the placenta to help triggering labour. Stress hormones would also be produced to help kick start labour. That should be fun, right?

Nothing much regarding changes that would be experienced by your foetus up to this point if you are not yet in labour. 

Your baby’s vital information such as heart rate would be monitored to ensure that they are in good health. Any abnormalities would be dealt swiftly by doctors so don’t be afraid to inform them if you are experiencing any discomfort.

Let’s hope by next week everything would fall into place and you got to meet the cutest baby ever. Your baby, of course.

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