(BC) The 40th Week – Small Pumpkin. Still Big Though

(BC) The 40th Week – Small Pumpkin. Still Big Though

Urgh… Let this end now. Kidding! It was awesome so far. The 40th week is the official end of your pregnancy. Most women would deliver within this week but unfortunately, some could go on for 1 or 2 weeks more. Hope that’s not you.

Your placenta is still providing antibodies for your little one to fend off infections and this is vital for the next 6 months. This protection would be supplemented by breastfeeding once they have been delivered soon, so don’t simply chug your kids with a bottle.

During delivery, apart from being cute and all, it can be pretty gruesome for some people to see you given birth to a person covered with blood, lanugo, vernix and a lot of amniotic fluid. They can see you but it’s a bit blurry. Their central vision is not quite done yet but they recognize your voice and smell.

Their position is usually curled. Being cooped up in a tight space inside your uterus for 9 months made them into that position. Unbeknown to them, the space around them has spread out making it possible to assume other positions.

Regardless, they are still comfortable laying down in that position and that’s why baby loves to be swaddled. It reminds them of simpler times when they were thriving in your uterus.

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