(BC) The 38th Week – A Mini Watermelon Who’s Ready To Come Out

(BC) The 38th Week – A Mini Watermelon Who’s Ready To Come Out

“I know it’s comfy but you have to come out soon, oh little one.” 

It’s almost the time and you will be seeing your little cutie pie in 2 weeks time, 4 max. It’s going to be difficult for some mothers, especially when they are late.

As the size of your baby getting bigger, they will shed more vernix and lanugo. They won’t be needing them once they are out, thus might as well just shed them off. 

This is the time when your baby will swallow amniotic fluid and turn them, along with few other waste products, into a meconium (their number two). It’s icky but still a good news.

Their lungs will continue to produce surfactant as to aid breathing when they are required to and their vocal cords have developed properly. This means you would be hearing some cries and wails as a mean of communication.

That’s fair, right? Afterall, they couldn’t talk.

Your little one’s eyes are either blue, brown or gray but this is temporary. Once they are exposed to light, sometimes, their eyes’ colour can change. It will become permanent when they reach 1 though.

Their nervous system would continue to be fine-tuned so they can deal with all kinds of stimulation when they are out. 

Yes, you might be in labour anytime now so make sure to pack some goods or things can get really nasty.

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