(BC) The 37th Week – Rehearsing For A Grand Entrance

(BC) The 37th Week – Rehearsing For A Grand Entrance

Though we have surpassed 36th weeks (9 months), it doesn’t signify that you baby has finished growing. Not just yet.

You have reached term but it’s still early. Your baby’s lungs are most likely to be mature by this point so they are currently practising. 

Turning from side to side and blinking while inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluids, your baby is certainly anxious to meet you. Afterall, this would be your first time meeting.

After months of practising their fingers, they have a much more developed dexterity. Trust me, when you try to make them grasp your finger later, it will be tight. 

Your little one would still move from time to time, but you would realize that there are few kicks that you have ever felt compared to your previous month. The answer is quite straightforward and obvious but needs to be said.

As you baby grows bigger (the size of a canary melon right about now), their space in the uterus become smaller. They would roll, stretch, wiggle and probably kick if they have enough room to commit to. 

This is a little piece of trivia for you, at birth, your little one’s head would be roughly the same circumference as their chest. That’s interesting and frankly, quite scary for new mother. Don’t worry, you will make it. Just a few weeks to go. 

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