(BC) The 36th Week – One Papaya Ready To Serve

(BC) The 36th Week – One Papaya Ready To Serve

It should be any day now. Of course, the date can extend up to 42 weeks but now, your child is completely ready to face the outside world. They are as big as a papaya. They have a well functioning liver and kidney, their immune system is ready to go, they can now breathe on their own and their skin has turn smooth and soft.

The main concern now is the position of the baby. If your baby is still breech (bottom first), don’t panic just yet. There is a chance that they would flip into a normal position, so we have to be hopeful.

Regardless, for a breech baby, before proceeding with surgical intervention, we can give an incentive for it to flip into a normal position. It’s through a procedure called a version. It’s an attempt to turn the baby around by pushing and lifting your belly. This procedure would be carried out under a controlled environment which would involve the use of ultrasound and fetal heart monitor to ensure that both the mother and her child are not in distress.

You will also get a Group B Strep test to see if you harbor a specific kind of bacteria that could cause severe or life threatening condition to your child. Up to 30% of women test positive for Group B Strep but if you are one of them, you can be treated with antibiotic prior to your delivery.

Women who carry twins or any other related high risk pregnancy, would have a much frequent monitoring and probably a much earlier delivery date to avoid any complication.

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