(BC) The 35th Week – Butternut Squash? Nope. It’s Spaghetti Squash Now

(BC) The 35th Week – Butternut Squash? Nope. It’s Spaghetti Squash Now

Now, your baby has grown up so big that they can’t really kick and punch properly. They would rolls and wiggle through the tight space. I know honey. Can’t wait to get out. Mommy would love to see you too.

Looking through the numbers, your baby are more than 5 pounds now. They are chubby, plump, irresistible and undeniably soft. Every single system has developed quite well. There isn’t much to develop though your baby would get bigger week by week until they can be discharged out.

Your baby’s skull remain soft, preparing themselves to squeeze through tight spaces. But don’t worry though, your baby’s brain is still intact and it is developing day by day, Not only your kid going to be intelligent, they can be street smart too.

Most of the things which are being added up are baby fats. They need to prepare themselves before venturing south. They are positioned properly with their heads facing down toward your cervix and their buttocks dangling up. 

If it is the other way around, your doctor would suggest a procedure which can be done to flip your baby into the correct position. Just don’t forget to comply with your follow up so that the doctor would know the update and can arrange something early.

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