(BC) The 34th Week – Pat On My Good Pineapple

(BC) The 34th Week – Pat On My Good Pineapple

You want to know heavy your baby now? They are approximately 5 pounds which is equal to 2.3 kilogram and stretch as long as 18 inches. Impressive, huh? Once, they were as tiny as a seed. Now, this?

Your baby would have different kind of changes this week depending on their gender. Boys would have their testicles descend down from their abdomen into the scrotum. Roughly 4% of babies would have difficulties doing so in utero.

If you are worried, you can bring your kid to a paediatrician later but most of the boys got their testicles before their first birthday. 

They are practising sleeping like they haven’t been asleep this whole time. At this point, their behaviours are closed to a newborn. Snoozing with closed eyes and staying wide awake with open eyes. 

They might sound simple but this is the practise that would help them settle into their sleeping schedule.

Your baby’s vernix would start to thicken before it would shed next week, close to their delivery date. Sometimes, you can even see the shape of your baby’s hand and feet through your belly. Your amniotic fluid has been reduced so much and your baby is getting bigger. It’s not possible.

The only thing that you can do now it to keep on reading them story book, count their kicks, watch your health and try to calm yourself down. We don’t want the little one to know their mother is actually quite anxious now, don’t we?

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