(BC) The 33rd Week – Which Squash? Butternut Squash

(BC) The 33rd Week – Which Squash? Butternut Squash

The time is near. As the baby grows, their volume is much greater than the volume of amniotic fluid inside. That’s crazy, right? It is also the reason why you felt their kicks are much sharper than the week before.

Your body is trying to prepare you for the delivery. If you can fix a camera inside, you would notice that your fetus is acting more like a baby now. No more somersault. Just open their eyes, close it when they were sleeping, suck their fingers and whatever thing that a baby usually do.

They can detect light much better now as the uterine wall becomes thinner but they can’t really differentiate between day and night. At least, not properly. While waiting for “the day”, your baby gulp up to a pint of amniotic fluid per day. They are priming their own gastrointestinal system.

Although most of the bones in your baby have fully formed, they are still pliable. They have to be or your baby would have a very difficult time, squeezing down the birth canal. 

Their immune system has been properly developed. Right now, antibodies from you are being copied by your baby’s immune system which will become handy soon. They are pretty weak so getting all kinds of antibodies from the mother would allow a much greater chance at living.

If you are still counting your baby’s kick twice a day, keep on doing that. Don’t forget your appointment and start discussing with your doctor regarding delivery especially if you have been diagnosed with pregnancy-related complications such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes etc. 

Just a bit more. Hang in there!

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