(BC) The 32nd Week – One Squash Ready To Go

(BC) The 32nd Week – One Squash Ready To Go

Your baby is as big as a squash. Now the only things that matter is the position endorsed by the baby. They have been honing their skills they need to thrive outside their mother’s womb for quite some time, and now it’s time to prepare. Everything is already set and good to go. 

Although you might be thinking, there are a few weeks more before the date of your delivery, well your child now is looking more like a newborn. You are 1 month away from meeting your child and in this anxious time, we have to know what is the position of your baby.

To make it simple, there are a few positions such as head down, breech (buttocks down) and transverse (neither, the baby lie horizontally relative to the mother’s womb). You will find that your baby would tap and squirm instead of doing their usual rock and roll due to their bigger size now. It’s hard to move around.

A normal presentation for a baby is the head down the pelvis and their bottoms-up. It would be a convenience for their head to come out first and the mother’s pelvis is designed to fit baby’s head better than their buttocks.

But, don’t worry, if your baby is breech, there is a chance they will flip into the normal position before birth, even in the tight space.

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