(BC) The 31st Week – Carrying Coconut

(BC) The 31st Week – Carrying Coconut

Your baby has grown as big as a coconut now. Just a few more pounds to pack and they are good to go.

There are a lot of things happening in your child’s brain. They have to grow billions of neurons thus everything developed at a rapid pace. He is now able to track light, process and perceive signals from all of their five senses.

Of course, for the moment, he can’t smell anything. I mean you need to be able to breath before you can start smelling. Fortunately for you, your scents would be the first one they will be able to smell. Maybe that’s why babies prefer their mothers when they are in distress.  

You will also notice a much more defined sleeping and waking patterns. They spend most of their time sleeping and dreaming in their REM sleep. Trying to wake them up? Drink or eat something sugary but I would refrain from doing that if you aren’t hungry or anything.

So what do you think your cute, not-so-little coconut is doing while waiting for the big day? Well, nothing much. They were making faces, swallowing fluids, breathing, sucking thumbs and pedal their tiny hands and feet.

Everyone is a natural swimmer when we are in our mother’s womb. I wonder how did we lose such skills?

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