(BC) The 30th Week – Just Around The Corner, My Little Broccoli

(BC) The 30th Week – Just Around The Corner, My Little Broccoli

10 weeks to go. Some might have given birth earlier but we will count it as 10 weeks left still. Your baby’s brain is getting bigger. As the time goes by, those smooth surface forms characteristic grooves and indentations. 

This is important to accommodate more brain tissue which is necessary for normal brain development.

Remember lanugo? The soft, downy hair which covers your little broccoli’s body to regulate temperature? They started to disappear. Yes, your baby has a sufficient amount of body fats to achieve that particular function, so say goodbye to lanugo.

As you approach due date, your would realize that your baby bump is expanding quickly. It is a good sign. You will be packing a few pounds for the next couple of weeks as your baby grows.

Your baby’s bone marrow now take charge in producing red blood cells. Prior to this week, those cells are produced by tissue groups and spleen.

It’s an important step as your baby trying to learn how to be independent and live by their own system after they were born.

During your ultrasound check, you might notice your baby grabbing their own foot. Yes, their hands and fingernails, all of them are fully developed by this time.

The space is getting tighter but they will keep on moving each day. Don’t forget to count their kicks.

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