(BC) The 29th Week – Head of Cauliflower

(BC) The 29th Week – Head of Cauliflower

Your baby starts to smile! Yes, no kidding. It’s more pronounced especially when they are sleeping. It’s the 29th week of pregnancy and currently your child is as big as the head of a cauliflower.

If you think they are hiccuping way too much last week, you will be surprised.  You will feel a lot of rhythmic taps but don’t worry, it will not affect either one of you so much.  

Your baby will continue to be getting baby’s fats. Yes, they have to chub out a little and lose those wrinkles. In fact, for the next 11 weeks, their weight would double or triple from their weight now.

The difference is, now they are getting more of white fats compared to brown fats. The latter is important for body temperature regulation while the former is important as sources of energy. 

As your baby grows bigger, their living space becomes smaller. This will restrict any form of complex movement such as somersault but you will feel their pokes mostly from their elbows and knees. 

They can respond to all sorts of external and internal stimuli so they will be moving quite a lot. Start counting your baby kicks. You know, just to make sure they were doing okay.

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