(BC) The 26th Weeks – Looks Can Be Deceiving. Like An Acorn Squash

(BC) The 26th Weeks – Looks Can Be Deceiving. Like An Acorn Squash

As the week goes by, your baby will become bigger and bigger. Sure, they still have ample spaces in your belly but they are going to run out of it pretty soon. It will be difficult for them to somersault around. In the end, the only things that matter to them are to kick you in boredom.

Do you know what’s so special this week? Your baby’s eyes start to open! You are not going to remember how’s your mother’s uterus looks though but it still pretty awesome. As they can perceive light even when their eyes were closed if you were to shine your flashlight over them right now, you will get nothing but a kick. “Put that away!”.

Your baby’s eyes’ colour does not yet form but they will, soon. It’s too early to know if your child inherits eyes colour from any one of you. Maybe they inherit from both? Oh, God! Please let it be heterochromia. It will be so cool.

As your baby’s brain getting sophisticated, they are can not only hear sounds but also respond to them. How? Well, for starters they can kick you in excitement or they can show it in a totally different way like an increase in pulse rate.

Like last week, your baby will show an utmost commitment in practising breathing and swallowing. Both of these exercises are crucial to their lungs development. They also start to have fingernails and eyelashes. How can that not be the coolest thing ever? Someday, you are going to see your little one batting them.

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