(BC) The 25th Week – Big As An Eggplant

(BC) The 25th Week – Big As An Eggplant

Your baby now is over a foot long! Can you imagine? They are currently trying to grow as big as they can before getting out of your womb. If you still can’t see how is it like, take two juices boxes and stacked one on top of the other. They are a bit taller than that and as heavy as 4 juice boxes.

Small capillaries started to fill under the skin making it turns pink. Pink? Yes, like your face when you are hot. They are not though. They are placed in an environment filled with amniotic fluid which is designed to keep them comfortable. 

Do they breathe underwater? No, they don’t. This week marks the time their lungs filled with blood vessels which are definitely a sign that maturity is just around the corner. They are going to be completed soon but right now, it is pretty much still in progress.

Surfactant which is deemed as one of the most important substances that will help with lungs’ function has been synthesized this week. Without this, their lung will surely fail and cause a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) when they are born. Let’s hope they don’t.

Nevertheless, this week, your baby’s nose started to work too. They will start to practise breathing by absorbing amniotic fluid. I know it’s not air but practice makes perfect, right? Previously, people believe that their nostrils were plugged up until 25th week of pregnancy. However, a lot of research found that they might have opened much earlier and stayed for 3 trimesters.

Regardless, it’s pretty much awesome to know that your baby is doing pretty well. Let hop into the next week then.

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