(BC) The 23rd Week – Big As a Grapefruit. No, Not Grape. Grapefruit!

(BC) The 23rd Week – Big As a Grapefruit. No, Not Grape. Grapefruit!

If you were interested, this is the time when your baby’s weight starts to increase significantly. Sure, now they just over a pound but in 4 weeks time, that particular weight would double itself. Mark my word that your weight would copy the same pattern of increment too. It doesn’t matter though because people who were pregnant are expected to gain weight. As long as it is within an acceptable range, just be done with it.

Your baby’s skin would grow faster than fats can be distributed. This means that their skin would be saggy but don’t worry. Fats would catch up later as they are just too “fat” to catch up now.  Those fats are crucial to protect organs and vessels from external insult. Without them now, their skin appears red due to the developing arteries and veins.

Once, your baby’s heartbeat can only be detected by using a doppler ultrasound but now you can hear it by using a standard stethoscope. Yes, their heartbeats are getting stronger. That’s how developed their heart is now.

Other than that, there is not so much changes experienced by them. You might be getting used to your baby’s activity and know their routine. When they are going to kick, what can provoke them to start kicking but all of these should be cherished before it becomes powerful, pronounced and painful later.

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