(BC) The 22nd Week – Ring That Red Bell Pepper Cause I can Totally Hear Now!

(BC) The 22nd Week – Ring That Red Bell Pepper Cause I can Totally Hear Now!

This is it! If you don’t really care about the metric system, this is the week when your baby starts to reach for the 1 pound mark. Just go to the market and pick up a 250 g pack of sugar. That’s how heavy your baby is now. 

The rate of their development has been tremendous. First of all, you might want to filter whatever word you will be using. They have a complete set of well-developed ears though most of the sounds they perceived clearly is the one which occurs internally such as your heartbeat, your stomach gurgling and the flow of your blood through your vessel. Extraordinary, eh?

One of the things that has always amaze me is how they can perceive light without opening their own eyelids in the darkness of your womb. Maybe you can help the little one by shining a flashlight over the belly. If you don’t do it, it will be okay though. It’s still quite cozy there. You know what I’m talking about, you’ve been there yourself.

Have you ever wondered, what is the first toy that your baby will ever be playing with? It’s their umbilical cord. Yes, that’s the only thing that is available in the darkness of utero. Your baby has developed their sense of touch so much they grab their own umbilical cord and grip it tight.

Sounds scary right? They were playing with the only thing that would sustain their life, how scary is that? The good new is, the umbilical cord is much tougher than you can ever imagine. They were squishy, sure, but it’s quite versatile. Good to know, right? 

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