(BC) The 21st Week – Anyone Knows Endive?

(BC) The 21st Week – Anyone Knows Endive?

If you don’t know what endive is, then imagine a large banana. That’s how big your baby is, right now. There is still a lot of spaces in the womb that they can move about, practise a few movements and stretch their toes but soon enough, that particular space will get cramped.

If you noticed how much your baby is moving, you must be wondering, when on earth did they sleep? Believe it or not, like a newborn, they require sleeps of the same duration. Sleep is important as it can stimulate growth and physical development as the week goes by. Now, it will be great if you can catch some sleep too, even a nap.

Remember when I said that your baby starts to gulp amniotic fluid thanks to their developing taste buds. Yes, they can taste it too. Whatever you eat can influence the taste of your amniotic fluid. Researchers have found that babies who were exposed to a certain type of taste in the womb via the amniotic fluid would prefer foods with same taste after they are born.

They just don’t lose it man! That’s how well-developed their taste buds are. Apart from that, your baby has also gained control of their limb movements. The development of their arms and legs are completed plus their nervous system have been fully connected to its targeted effector. Well, maybe they were excited that why you felt them moving so much?

You still have more or less 16 to 20 weeks to go. I know, some women did deliver early or later than 40 weeks but whatever it is the most important thing is that you look after yourself. Your health will determine the state of health of your baby and complications during pregnancy can complicate your baby’s development.

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