(BC) The 17th Week – A Breast or A Bottle?

(BC) The 17th Week – A Breast or A Bottle?

Practice makes better. That’s for sure. Right now, the only things that your child can do are to practice things. They tried sucking, swallowing and kicking (although it’s way more established than the first two). They have grown up to the size of a big onion.

At this point in times, baby’s fats start to form. It’s rather crucial for them to accumulate all over the body up until they were delivered. Cartilages are turning to bones and underneath those baby’s fats were meat which will continue to grow in number.

Survival reflexes might seems unintentional, however, they are what nature ought them to be.  Sucking, swallowing and other forms of reflexes are being perfected in the womb. Imagine, how they are going to learn to feed themselves if they didn’t even know how to suck. It’s all have been practised.

If before this your child’s heart beating randomly, now it is coordinate by their brain. This means, there will be no more random beats and their hearts would beat at a constant and regular phase. 140 to 150 beats per minute since to be the normal rate and its normal. Don’t start panicking when you find out your child’s heart was beating twice as fast as yours.

So what’s new? We know that your baby has been practising all this while and heartbeats are certainly not new things. During the 17th week, your child’s fingertips and toes will be equipped with a various pattern of swirls and creases which are unique to each individual. We called them fingerprint.

If you haven’t opted to any of the diagnostic tests to determine abnormalities, you are encouraged to do so. There is some management which will cater to people who are diagnosed with certain fetal abnormalities so it’s kinda important for you to start early. Do it to provide yourself with some peace. 

If you were tested negative, you can enjoy the rest of your journey. If you were tested positive, something can be done to cushion the blow of having a child with abnormalities.

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