(BC) The 16th Week – Avocado Can Hear!
Pregnant woman and her husband are putting headphones on her belly are stimulating the fetus using music with headset.

(BC) The 16th Week – Avocado Can Hear!

This month your baby will grow up to the size of an avocado. This is the moment where you should put a headphone around your belly or tell your baby a story as the tiny bones which allow them to hear are formed. They will recognise your voice once they are out soon enough so tell them a story. A nice one would be great!

Their hair will start to grow, lashes and eyebrows start to take its shape and their taste buds are fully formed now. The baby would suck on their thumb signifying that their sucking reflexes are intact and they will occasionally move from side to side as they perceived light. Yeah, their eyes start to work even though their eyelids are still sealed. It’s a suitable time to play peekaboo, don’t you think?

Skin cells will start to grow forming translucent skin which cover the baby but their faces are still skinny since there are no baby fat yet. Don’t worry, soon enough they will have it. Blood vessel can be seen clearly under that thin skin. Their circulatory systems are up and running. They can pump as much as 25 quarts of blood per day. Isn’t that amazing?

Your prenatal visit this month would be focusing on signs of gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. If all parameters (especially glucose and blood pressure) are normal, your miscarriage risk drops significantly to just 1 percent. Isn’t that great news? We can see you next month and be sure to take care of yourself. 

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