(BC) The 15th Week – Let Pear Be Light!

(BC) The 15th Week – Let Pear Be Light!

While passing through a supermarket, try and hold a pear. That’s how big your baby is right now. From as tiny as the poppy seed to a size of a pear is a cause for celebration. Good job little one. You are progressing well. 

Right, now most of the things are falling into place. Their ears and eyes are slowly migrating towards the location that they were supposed to be found. This is important as the former used to be located around the neck area. We wouldn’t want it to be there, right?

Their eyes would slowly migrate from the side to the front of their face. When the time is right, you can appreciate their beautiful gaze. For now, the only thing that they ought to do is practice, practice and get ready for the big day. 

They will swallow amniotic fluid, work on their breathing technique and suck on their fingers, for all of these means their survival on the outside world. If you are currently practising yoga as part as your exercise regime then you are not alone. 

Their schedules have been filled with kicking, curling toes, practicing their arms and legs. But why don’t you feel if they were trying that hard? What is the size of your baby again? That’s right, they are still too small for you to notice any changes as a consequence of their training regime inside of your abdominal power house. 

If your NT scan result shows abnormalities, this is the time to commit yourself to a much more specific test called amniocentesis. It’s an elective procedure which will involve inserting a needle through your pregnant belly guided by ultrasound to gather a sample of your amniotic fluid. It can be stressful but non-painful. Talk to your doctor about its potential benefits and risks to better understand what kind of things you are stepping into.

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