(BC) The 14th Week – What’s Up, Peach?

(BC) The 14th Week – What’s Up, Peach?

Some said they look like a navel orange, some would commit peach as the fruit of choice. To be frank, most people prefer the latter. However, it’s worth noting that their size can vary therefore, there no such thing as being associated with an accurate fruit. Regardless, those hand motions has become smooth and fluid. It’s like watching a Youtube video featuring a 60 fps recording, instead of 30 fps one week earlier. Your child has certainly learnt things fast like a good boy. Or girl. We can discuss that later.

Believe it or not, now, your fetus has a more straightened-out appearance. Their necks have grown longer allowing them to extend their neck, making it more erect. It’s certainly much more attractive and they are getting longer than they were last week. You’re now have officially made it into the second trimester. Congratulations!

Depending on your respective medical treatment plan laid out by your doctor (based on NT scan results), you will either be submitted to an ultrasound scanning, or if you have no issue (normal NT scan result), then the next scan would be in between 18 to 22 weeks. Your baby knows better to suck their thumbs while waiting for their time to migrate out. We get it, it’s boring inside. Well, nothing we can do about it. 

Their bodies are covered with thin, peach-fuzz hair which we called as the lanugo. It will keep them warm throughout the remaining 6 months stay. Liver, spleen and kidneys. These are three of featured organs which will keep on working along with their heart. If you are curious about your child’s gender, then this is a not-so-good news. It’s still difficult to know, however, in just a few weeks more, you will know for sure.

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