(BC) The 13th Week – Shine Bright Like A Lemon

(BC) The 13th Week – Shine Bright Like A Lemon

Alien. That’s how your kid looks right now, no offence though. I mean, any people would have imagined that when they look at a baby with a big head. I’m not kidding and it’s about half the size of their crown-to-rump length. Well, they still look human though if we disregard that. Don’t worry, their body growth will catch up in a few months time. By the time they were delivered, their body should be ¾ of his total size. That seems normal, right?

Even though we always compare the size of your baby with fruits, it doesn’t mean that they have to be exactly the size of that fruit at a certain week. Different babies will have different growth rate, some would be faster than the other. Luckily, all of them would follow the same developmental pathway. 

At 13th week of gestation, your baby would have tiny bones, growing inside their arms and legs. This would allow them to perform a complex motion like sucking on their thumb or move their fingers in a jerky fashion. They would have vocal cords too. Unfortunately for us, sound cannot travel through uterus thus we won’t be able to hear anything but they will come out screaming soon. In about 5 to 6 months or so. Trust me.

Apart from the baby, the placenta is also growing. Now, it is capable of providing more nutrients to the growing baby. During the delivery, this particular organ can weigh between 1 to 2 pounds. It’s vital to accommodate fetal’s need which will require plenty of nutrients soon. Does that mean my abdomen will look bigger around this particular period?

Well, there are various reasons, so to speak, when we are trying to determine whether the size of your abdomen is appropriate or not. It’s usually linked to some pathological conditions which relates to pregnancy but during the 13th week, one of the foremost reasons is twin pregnancy. This is highly probable especially when you have family histories pertaining to twins.

Don’t get excited just yet. Even though, its probable doesn’t mean it is the only explanation. Sometimes, you’re just bloated after overestimating the amount of food you have to take as a pregnant mother. Whatever it is, if you have concerns, better pay your doctor a visit. Have you done your prenatal screening yet? This might be the right time to do it. Hurry up!

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