(BC) The 12th Week – They Are Getting Plum

(BC) The 12th Week – They Are Getting Plum

Plum. That would describe how big your baby is. This is the moment where you can say for sure that your wife is pregnant. Time to call your parents and deliver the big news! In the 3rd month of pregnancy, most of the vital organs of the baby are fully functional. They are growing bigger and more mature starting from here on out. 

The baby’s image on the ultrasound scan would be much clearer than they were before. They are beginning to open and close their fingers, curl their toes and develop reflexes as the 12-week pregnant belly is being poked from the outside courtesy of the rapid growth of their brain. 

The baby’s digestive system start to play at its own rhythm. It will contract and relax, practicing its tempo before it would have to function on its own to digest food once the baby has been born.  If you aren’t lucky enough to hear your baby’s heartbeat a month ago, this time, your heart will race with joy hearing your own child’s heart beating. They will be able to fight off infection as their bone marrows start to make white blood cells. 

Now, are you trying to figure out whether your child is a boy or a girl? Well, too bad for you as the ultrasound scan can’t seem to pick up the picture of their genitalia clearly to make a correct assumption. Usually, this kind of thing can be determined at the 20th week of pregnancy (or 5 months), so stay tuned! 

Just like in the previous week, if you haven’t done nuchal translucency scan (NTS) just yet, it is time. Better late than never, right? Why we need to know this you asked? Well, it’s not too abort the baby if we know they have conditions related to chromosomal abnormalities. A big NO. It’s to prepare both parents, emotionally, mentally and physically, in receiving such baby 6 months from now when they are actually delivered. 

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