(BC) The 11th Week – It’s Time For Babymoon

(BC) The 11th Week – It’s Time For Babymoon

If you ever think about going on a trip before having your little fella, then this is the most suitable time for it. You are one week away from stepping inside the second-trimester timezone and you are getting better from all of those awful pregnancy-related symptoms. Maybe the fact that your little prune has grown into a lime help to keep you away from your usual morning sickness? Did you get what I mean? No? Let’s continue.

Even if you don’t know the sex of your baby just yet if it’s a little girl, then they would start to have ovaries. Pretty cool, right? Their ears are starting to take on their final shape, their cute nose button is having two nasal passages, they would have a fully formed tongue and palate inside of their mouth and don’t get me started on their nipple. It’s there! 

Their hands are no longer webbed, they started to have nice-looking hands and feet and hair follicles are starting form over the rest of their body. You may want to add up nail clipper to your shop list since your baby is starting to develop nail beds for both hands and feet. Soon, they would have nail growing, how exciting! They’re starting to have distinct human characteristics already!

There are a few movements that your baby have learned while floating in such as forward rolls, somersaults and stretches. Well, they were bored. What do you expect? Soon, they will start kicking so you better brace yourself. If you haven’t done your nuchal translucency scan (NTS) last week, then better carry it out this week. Just a simple blood test and an ultrasound scan of the baby’s back of the neck should do the trick.

If your doctor suspect some abnormalities in the NTS, they might recommend you some invasive tests to be done in order to be sure. Don’t worry too much though. Just listen, pay attention to details and understand the benefits and complications of the test. The rest would be carried out by your doctor. It can be nerve-wracking, but knowing the results would make you feel relieves.

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