(BC) 24th Week – Roll Like A Good Cantaloupe You Are

(BC) 24th Week – Roll Like A Good Cantaloupe You Are

If you know what a cantaloupe is, then that’s the size of your baby this month. They are getting bigger! Now, their developments are not only focusing on the anatomical side but the outer appearance as well. 

Their skin will slowly become opaque and the colour should be pink, glowing due to small capillaries that have been formed recently. The baby’s fats are still growing and if you can see it through ultrasound, you will find that their faces are almost complete.

If you have no risk factors for gestational diabetes, then this month would be the time for you to sip on a glucose solution to check for your diabetes status. If you have any family members who have diabetes, or you have been gaining weight a lot lately, this test can be conducted earlier. It is a procedure to make sure that you are okay. 

The procedure is rather simple. It is designed to test how efficient your body processes glucose so you will be asked to take a sweetened drink, wait for two hours and have your blood sugar checked by the doctor. 

Both pre and post-test reading should be within normal range and if you have any abnormal value, then you will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Don’t be sad though. It’s not the end of the world, you will be counselled by the doctor to make certain lifestyle changes or they are going to give you some medication that would be able to control your blood sugar level.

Your baby might be monitored more frequently. So, why is this important? Poor-controlled gestational diabetes can cause macrosomia, or big baby making it difficult for you to deliver the baby via vaginal route. You will have to see the doctor much more frequently for blood sugar monitoring. Hang in there. Just a bit more.

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